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Meet Jess Gillette 

Jess is a short story, and content writer with heart. In a world of writers who just grab from AI and paste it Jess is the refreshing face to bring your content to life. 

With a history of writing reports, blog content, and her passion of Novels. You will see how this is artwork and Jess is the artist who holds the paint brush to a colorful new world. 

Content written for you...

You need to have your content written in your own voice. With our Unique approach you can have your content sound just like your were talking with your reader. 

Non Script like writing 
Writing in a voice present voice
Story ideas from your life. 

Writing online content started with my first guest post on my father blog in 2010. Click here to read the first. Epiphany

Picture your story here.... 

Jane Smith

Jane Smith was a young woman with a fierce determination to succeed in life. Growing up in a small town, she knew from a young age that she wanted more out of life than what her surroundings could offer. She studied hard in school and eventually earned a scholarship to attend a prestigious university. During her time there, she worked multiple jobs to support herself and excelled academically, earning a degree in engineering. After graduation, she landed a job at a top tech company and quickly climbed the ranks, eventually becoming a senior executive. Despite her success, Jane never forgot her roots and remained grounded and humble. She used her position to create opportunities for others, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds, and was a role model to many. Jane's story serves as a reminder that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. 

Could Jane be you?

John Swanson

John Swanson was a young boy with a wild sense of adventure. He loved exploring the great outdoors and would often disappear for hours on end, only to return with tales of his latest exploits. One day, John invited his best friend to join him on a hiking trip to a nearby mountain. The two boys set out early in the morning, carrying backpacks filled with snacks and water. As they hiked higher and higher, the air grew cooler and the scenery more breathtaking. They encountered all sorts of wildlife along the way, including deer, rabbits, and even a family of bears. At the summit, they were rewarded with a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. It was a moment they would never forget, and they both knew that they would continue to seek out adventures like this for years to come.

Would you go on that adventure?

Frank Crane

Frank Crane was an office assistant who always seemed to find himself in the most ridiculous situations. One day, while attempting to make a pot of coffee for his colleagues, he accidentally poured an entire bag of coffee beans into the machine. The result was a thick, sludgy mess that no one could bear to drink. On another occasion, he managed to get his tie stuck in the paper shredder and had to be rescued by a co-worker. But perhaps the funniest incident of all occurred when Frank mistook the office printer for a microwave and attempted to heat up his lunch in it. Needless to say, the printer did not fare well and Frank ended up with a charred mess instead of a hot meal. Despite all of his mishaps, Frank was well-liked by his colleagues for his good-natured attitude and ability to always make them laugh.

Wish you worked with Frank?

How Our Content system works

We ask for anything you have written or created. 
We ask For any Videos, Audios, or Programs you have. 
We interview you and record it. 
Using your voice, your mannerisms we recreate what you need from blog post, to short article. 
We send you a first draft. 
You approve or edit. If you approve we publish.  
If edits are needed we rewrite and send back. 

The average article this process is done in 48 hours or less. 

Making your content sound like you for over 10 years. 

Our Menu

From the Short article, to the Custom books. 

Blog Post


/Per post

This includes a 300 word post with sub headings. Can include pictures.

300 word
includes 2 edits
48 hour turn around

E-Book Report


/Per Book

25 pages or less ebook or report to use for lead magnet 

Writing the content
Book Layout
7 day turn around

Premium Plan


Custom Projects Quoted per job. 

Book a Consultation to review your custom project. See if our writing skills are what is needed to drive your project home. 

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Write a story for your audience

Get a message that your audience wants to hear. Get their attention with what they want to hear, not what you think they need to be told. 

Turn clients into huge profits

Have your content start to create you more profits. Because your clients see themselves in your content and want your solutions. 

Build a Tribe of loyal fans that turn into clients. 

Know, Like and Trust. With your content they should get to know you learn to like who you are, and trust that you are the solution they are looking for. 

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